Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The day was happy to be alive. Classes went well, social niceties have gone well, there's good stuff on television. Glee!

And then there's this. A list of tropes. It's fascinating... as a consumer and producer of stories, I am pleased to see them being dissected and examined in a not-so-clinical fashion. Yes, I take classes where I see an astounding amount of dry analysis of classic literature, but this is deconstructing popular culture (including the common tropes of video games, of all things). And so I'm reading one, after another, after another, and before I know it the day is out.

So, you cats enjoy as well.


Blogger Aaron said...

Oh dear lord, I've just lost the rest of my day to this wiki.

4/19/2007 3:10 AM  

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