Friday, April 13, 2007

Nag me!

Man, Twins. Man, I hope you appreciate how much I love you that I make sure you notice this rather than hide it agressively and keep it all to myself. Because hey... awesome.

Anthologies of historical zombie fiction and cross-genre Cthulhu Mythos stories. Man... I gotta get on this. These are opportunities! AMAZING opportunities, that should be leaping at! Of course, I'm struck dumb by the possibilities... I could go in so many directions I can't limit myself. Same thing when Machine of Death started, though I managed to get over that. So I'm doing the same general thing I did with that... posting the link and my pledge to DO the stories, and counting on you lot to nag me into getting things done.

Seriously, I will be SHAMED if I can't submit to these. SHAMED.

Oh, and did I neglect to mention that THIS DUDE is behind the zombie histories?


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