Friday, April 06, 2007

What the-- huh? What the--?

So, turns out that, crazily enough, there's a wi-fi connection in my grandmother's house. It's not hers, of course, so this'll be a brief I-know-not-how-long-this'll-last post. In fact, I'm going to publish now, just in case.

Okay, so now, even if it doesn't stay up, my absence should be partially excused. So yeah, it's a nice place, Nana's a nice lady, and the remainder of my extended family on this side is made up of decent folk (plus the food is prodigious and free), but now that there's Internet presence... like real, non-AOL Internet, this is a place that is suitable for human life.

All right, time to take care of comics and whatnot as quickly as I can.


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