Thursday, May 17, 2007


It's not real yet. You know, because I am... me, I think of life in terms of stories. Cohesive stories, with themes and tropes and foreshadowing and all that stuff that doesn't really exist, but I can find places for in my mind. Life isn't one great big story, of course... it's a grand series, an infinitilogy of stories that begin and end and overlap and contradict each other, rashoman-style (memory being an imperfect monster as it is).

So, this is the moment of the story, when the hard work's been done, but there are loose ends left to tie. The ring has been destroyed, and I'm on the way back to the shire, idly wondering what became of Saruman; or maybe the sheild generator has been destroyed, but Lando still has to blow up the actual Death Star, if you're the less literary sort. More accuratly, it's that videogame moment where I've worked my way up to the final boss, and just saved, so I've got some time to recoup, get the proper equipment for the final battle. Maybe read an FAQ or summat. Boss battle is this weekend; then there's the FMV where the world gets saved... that'll be over the next week, involving family and what not. Friday... that's when I got on the boat to take me West with the elves. Until then... I'm resting. Recouping, preparing to reap the rewards for beating the final monster (respect, experience, rupees), while picking up my weight in red and blue potions (i.e. pizza and rum). Mixing my metaphors, but that's more of a lifelong theme.

It's the interim. It's dull, but it's supposed to be. Breathing time.


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