Monday, May 28, 2007

Speaking of cinematic...

To-day I saw that movie with those pirates. It was pretty much the awesome; the original will remain forever the best in my mind, but this one is on par with the sequel, which is not a bad place to be, not by a long shot. The BIG moment, though, was a preview for the Golden Compass.

This... this worries me. This worries me because, despite a severe under-representation of daemons, it looks really good.

If it's as good as it appears, it will be a box-office success.

If it is a financial winner, the studios will green-light the rest of the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy to be turned into a movie.

If the Amber Spyglass is made into a movie, I will, of course, have to see it.

... I do not want a theater full of people to see me cry. DO NOT WANT!

Sigh. If it's the price that must be payed, then such is life, but my machismo has been dealt enough painful blows (not the least of which is being attached to me), that I am loath to knock it down another peg.


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