Thursday, March 22, 2007


Midnight post! As much to wash the previous one out of my mouth as to clear up the remainder of the day which may be full of activity AS TO share a fact I'm rather excited about.

After what is rapidly approaching a month with no progress, I finally figured out what to do my third Machine of Death story on. A number of good ideas were floated my way, and while I'm going to use elements from some of them, the core of the story is something spectacular that I am hoping against all hope that no one else has written.

It's science-fiction. Straight-up, as hard as I can make it, SF. Set a ways into the future, when knowing how you're going to die isn't even interesting anymore. But there is a robot... an Artifical Intelligence who asks the perennial question of SF AIs... "Am I alive?", and comes to the startling conclution: "Well, if I can die, I MUST be alive."

Enter, the Machine of Death, and the prediction in the title. And, of course, hijinx.Whee!


Anonymous Dad said...

That's an excellent idea, the best I've heard. But what about this one? A guy -- a writer like you, in fact -- consults the machine and just gets a blank page. Nothing at all. You may think this idea violates the premise of the anthology (what we used to call "fighting the hypothetical" in law school). But no. It turns out he dies of writer's block.

3/23/2007 7:29 AM  

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