Thursday, March 22, 2007

That bitch!


"Ed, wait!"

... what? What is it, Chauncy? I've got a rant to bust out here, vis-a-vis that bitch.

"Do you really care, though?"

Hell yes I care! She--

"Ah bup bup! Do you really, REALLY care? Don't brush this off, think about it. Do you actually give a damn what somebody who you hate thinks?"

Yes but--

"BUT! You want to get the last word in. That's normal. You want to be the winner. Even though in your brain you know that perpetuating this argument will only escalate things, such that it won't be a case of 'winning' or 'losing' but just a great big old stubborn-off."

I'm just so thoroughly irked! I thought she had changed.

"No, you had HOPED she had changed. For a reason that was... how should I put it?"

Unreasonably spurious.

"Something like that. And no, it turns out she hadn't. How do you feel about that?"

Disappointed. Annoyed. A little regretful. And though I be not proud, a bit like I lost. Even though it's silly.

"Not silly, normal. You had the upper hand, and gave it up. That's a perfectly rational way to see it... humans are competitive creatures, and Americans are competitive humans; you're genetically and culturally indoctrinated into thinking of things in terms of winning and losing. Inaccurate, but not irrational. But bear in mind, so is SHE. She'll keep it up until she 'wins'. Or thinks she's won, at any rate. You can let her think that, you know... it'll be a nice thing to do, and keep her off your back."

Ugh. So. The public complaining and bitching out... bad idea?

"You got it. That keeps the debate going, and you don't want that even more than you don't want to lose. Be the bigger man. That should be easy for you."

Crappy joke, man. Crappy joke.

"Song remains the same. That bitch? Not even worth your time."


"Just forget about her."


"And get some sandwiches!"

Yeah! Sandwiches! WOO!


Anonymous AAMF said...

I'm down for sandwiches.

3/22/2007 10:27 PM  

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