Friday, March 16, 2007

Man, is it my fault when Blogger goes down?

One certainly hopes not.

Truth be told, the venerable old Blogger rarely does me wrong, so I'm not going to begrudge it the occasional day when it just asses up and refuses to let me post. You get a little bit of leeway, Blogger folks-slash-Google folks.

BUT NEXT TIME! Next time it happens! I'm going to post SUCH a whine! There will be bitching, and moaning, all at once. Swaths of text in all caps, beyond such a point where a reasonable person would stop yelling. I will compare myself to Ghandi, and you to Hitler, and in this I will posit a potential outcome of Ghandi's meeting Hitler (outcome: unpleasant!)

Shit, son, I might even write some bad poetry. No, worse than you're thinking. MUCH worse. I will rhyme "grief" with "life".



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