Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kess kuh say.

Isn't it great when an essay you thought to be due Wednesday is in fact due Friday, affording you two extra days to slack off on it, because you're a big, lazy git who's terrified of actually doing work?

Answer: yes. Yes it is.

Perhaps lazy isn't the right word, though. I'd say I'm dedicated... it's just that I'm dedicated more to saving Hyrule than to writing about deconstructionism. Honestly, though, can you blame me? No, you cannot.

Anyway, tonight is a night when I go to see Zodiac. I suspect it shall be awesome. I'll let you lot know when/if I got back.

Not that I plan on not coming back, it's just... you know. Psycho killers and all. Can't be too careful.


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