Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mal: Bad, in the Latin.

So man. Went into the city today. Hung out with a lady. Went to a comic shop and a hot dog place and an ice cream store and a book seller and a soup restaurant and all number product retailers, essentially. It was a lovely time! And a lovely time that I intend to redo sometime in the nearish future! Possibly in two weekends, so as to watch 'Once More with Feeling' on the big screen. That's right, the musical episode of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. I am hyped about this possibility. You lot are all invited too, it will be such the worth it.

Mal, it turns out, it a pretty neat lady, and that's not a compliment I throw around lightly. Well, I do, but in this instance it's being used FORCEFULLY.

That's all I really got, as I don't ever want to be accused of gushing. Not my stlye.


Blogger Aaron said...

Man, stop gushing.

3/05/2007 6:08 AM  

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