Thursday, February 22, 2007

Damn the man!

Right, vitriolic rant part two will have to wait another day. I typed it all up, and then the Internet connection at the apartment died horribly. HORRIBLY! And I'm not about to redo it, so you lot will have to suffer through another day.

Anywhoozle... life is good. Rocking the Zelda, doing laundry, not much to complain about. Seriously, the sudden loss of Internet has been the major downside of my day, and I truly think I can live with it.

So... how about them knicks, eh? Not... not the team, I'm curious about actual knicks. What are they? Where can I find one? Are they good pets or, failing that, good objects? Is a knick delicious, or poisonous? I can't say I know, but I'm itching to find out!

No, wait, I'm actually just itching. Time to shave, I think.


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