Monday, March 05, 2007


Interesting times, friends. Interesting times.


Surprisingly, yes! Oh, I shan't forget that 'interesting' can be a euphemism for 'embroiled in drama', which I am... I am. But it also means that the filming of my movie fast approaches, and that 'Neverwhere' is coming out as a comic book, and that I'm hot off the hells of a hot date (not literally).

"Speaking of; you mentioned it, but you didn't go into too much detail. Don't you think your readership deserve all the specifics?"

Not really no. But because I care, what do you want to know?

"Do you looooooooove her?"

... no. I've met her once, I don't pretend to forge emotional connections that deep instantly. I'm not Mel for chrissakes.

"Did you just burn your ex?"

I hate her so. Anyway, while I do not loooooooove Mal, she is both cute and interesting. Enough so that she does not lose points for having lip peircings and being a little flighty. Also, she's tall enough that I don't see her as being short, which is crazy unusual.

"Was it all incredibly awkward?"

Surprisingly, no! Oh, not that there was no awkwardness. That's a face of life, don't-cha-know. But we managed to get over that hurdle and into talking about stuff real quick like. It was not, as I would have feared, an excercize in walking around the city in abject silence.

"Where'd you go, anyway?"

Well, we got lunch at a soup and smoothie place. Weird combination, but it was a favorite of hers. And THEN, this is awesome, we went to Bamn.

"What the hell is--"

It's an automat. An actual, honest-to-ass automat. It's smallish, yes, but really exists. I got their donuts, which are really bigneits, and ate them. I must go back sometime and sample their real food. After that, we swung by a bookstore and comic shop, judging their wares. More tooling around the city took place, and we ended up getting dinner at Grey's Papaya.

"Wait, what?"

I'll admit, hot dogs are not a proper dinner, but they did hit the spot.

"No, man, how late were you there?"

Only... like... ten hours.

"I see... a heh, heh."

Dude. No hanky panky took place. There wasn't even any sort of monkeyshine. Not on the first date, you imaginary slut.

"But, is that because of propriety or because you didn't want to?"

... I refuse to answer that.

"Because of social mores or because you want to be nice?"

Dude. What the hell is wrong with you?

"Oh, my, lots of things. So, you're seeing her agian, eh?"

Yes! For midnight musical awesomeness. Also, she promised to bake me cupcakes the next time I saw her. And really, I can't turn that down.

"Yes you can. You didn't, though."

Fuck you, man. Conversation over.


Blogger Vincent said...

Oh man. Cupcakes.

...I got nothin' else.

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