Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Super B-oh, who am I kidding?

Given that the Last time the Bears were in the Super Bowl was the year I was born, I'm assuming that if they win today it will mean I'm going to die this year. And that just about covers my involvement in this Super Bowl business.

I don't even watch for the ads, because the ads pretty much suck as much as regular commercials, only louder, faster, and more expensive. That's a worse kind of suck.

Last year, when I was still in advertising, I was required to watch the big game, so that we as a class could discuss their relative pros and cons of each. It was a painful experience, sirs. Like dying horribly four to six times every half hour.

But this year, I need only watch as much as it takes to wolf down some of Momma Twins' Skyline (as re-created by one of her progeny, hopefully with delicious results). Glee!


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