Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Round Table shall ride again!

That's right, kids... the radio show's coming back after a hell of long time. Without the confines of WICR, which means we can use the phrase "cockthirsty whore" if we so desire. And let it be known that I'll take any excuse to use the phrase "cockthirsty whore".

Hi mom!

So, the new round table is a podcasted and Skype-recorded affair, meaning that it can be recorded even when one of our legion lives in England and another in Ohio and I, as a general rule, am only about 75% sure that next week isn't the one where I run away to Canada and start a new life as a moose-wrangler. I'll also wrangle carabou, but that will require pay and a half... it's a more complicated and dangerous procedure, you understand. Regardless of whether I break from this English Hell of mine and make for the snow line, never to be seen again, I'll still be able to talk webcomics weekly with the boys. This is exciting! I am excited!

Catch you losers up North!


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