Thursday, February 01, 2007


Hm. Hungry.

'Course, a big man needs a big sandwich, so it's no surprise that I'm hungry, but I'm also sleepy. This ain't a bad thing either, 'cause I got a nine o'clock class, so getting to bed by midnight is a reasonable option.

Problem is, I can't go to sleep when I'm hungry... I'll be distracted by the hunger. But if I eat something, the process will wake me up, such that I won't be sleepy anymore, in all likelihood. It's a bit of a pickle... but since my classes are all in rapid succession, I think I can deal with less-than-ideal sleep, because I'll be able to get a good nap in by two.

... listen, I didn't DO anything today, so this is all I got to talk about. You read it and you LIKE it, dammit.


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