Tuesday, January 16, 2007



So, as I suspect you lot are aware, tomorrow evening I'll be some three thousand miles away, at Casa del Amber. So, as a matter of housekeeping, let me say that odds are there will be no updates to this website until next Thursday. So... deal. The lovely Miss Amber ain't got a steady Internet connection, and besides, I plan on spending all my spare time rocking out so there's no time for you piddling audience of devoted millions. I know, you are all dispairing, but try not to hurt yourself too gorily. Don't want there to be blood everywhere when I get back.

So yeah... exciting adventure ahead, segueing directly into a new year of school (well, segueing a slight ways into a new year) which happens to be my last year of school, and will lead into my experiencing the real world as a college graduate (for a few months, until I go back to school) and go on to live all my dreams (hopefully, eventually)!

Exciting times ahead, and it all begins in California! Tomorrow!


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