Monday, January 15, 2007

Tiny computer!

So, my father, Father, got a new lap-top computer. This means that he found himself with a laptop computer he did not need! Now for those of you what don't remember, I once had a lap-topper of my very own, but the screen portion ceased operating as a screen (instead operating as some sort of psychedelic groove-factory). So! one thing leads to another, and here I am with a brand new semi-used lapperator of my very own.

Of course, as ass as Ziggy (my old computer) was in certain respects, she had been set up exactly the way I liked her. All the programs I liked, with all the extensions I liked... why, I'm going to spend weeks going through all of the available little updates and crazy little features, all the while discovering NEW tools that I hadn't even realized existed! Oh me oh my, this little rapscallion is going to keep me busy in the land of extraneous technology for SO LONG!

Thou art gently-used and empty-headed, but a sleek little number all the same... I dub thee: Andromeda!


Anonymous AAMF said...

You were really excited about typing " ass as...", weren't you? I could picture it now, you giggling away while staring at your monitor.

1/18/2007 10:42 AM  
Blogger Peg said...

Jose - I had the same visual. We know him well.

1/18/2007 6:17 PM  
Anonymous AAMF said...

Great, I know you as well as your mother. I need a girlfriend, like right now.

1/19/2007 8:26 AM  

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