Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Less sick than I was.

So, it seems I've got the bronchitis. Which is not entirely unexpected... nothing to be done for it but get better. Which I'm doing, slowly but surely.

I'm not going to lie to you people, as much as I'll enjoy being healthy, I think I'll miss the wheezy laugh I got. I sound like a dirty old man, it's awesome. Plus, coughing is pretty nice when there's an awkward moment that needs immediate filling. It's one of those conditions I'd like to have if I could somehow not have to deal with with the physical or social ramifications of the condition... like needing a cane, or smoking.

Smoking's not technically a condition, but it does give you such a convenient prop slash conversation starter. So... I'd like it. Except for... you know... the smoking bits of it. Those I could lose.

In other news, Amber is ALSO sick, and I feel like it's somehow partially my fault. Almost as if I were in constant contact with her when I was at my most contagious.

Yeah. Almost partially my fault.


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