Saturday, January 27, 2007

I have a cunning plan!

I remain sick. And my immune system does not seem to be willing to chase out the little bastards that are making me sick... my suspicion is that my personal antibodies, having been too long out of the game, have grown stupid and lazy. This, someone who is not so much either must take up the task.

To that end, I have invented a shrinking machine. It is a fully-contained hard-bodied scuba-type apparatus/exoskeleton which evidently doesn't want to be described in non-compound words. I named it the Straight Straight-Talker, because I enjoy my references to be embarrassingly obscure (anyone who can identify what the Straight Straight-Talker is supposed to refer to gets a free sandwich or tongue-kiss... my choice). All I have to do now is get in my machine, shrink myself down, then enter my body and attack the viruses that are... inside me... with me... hm. Crap. There's one ten million dollar research grant wasted.


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