Monday, March 14, 2005

I'm in class!

Hey kids! I'm updating during class! I'm all crazy rebellious-type, abusing my computer lab rights in my stupid lousy Journalism class! You won't want to mess with me, doing crazy things like this on school time! Pretty soon I'll be greasing my hair back and wearing a leather jacket. I'm also thinking about rolling a pack of cigarettes up in my sleeve. I don't smoke, but they make a dandy MacGyver-like fuse in a pinch.

In other news: ugh. Insomnia roared its ugly head again. I tried to sleep until, basically, seven in the morning. My alarm went off at eight. I'm running on an hour's sleep, here. I'm also still sick as all get-out (Gotta be healthy by Friday! Gotta be healthy by Friday!), and still in a rather crap mood, all things considered. I'm really getting quite annoyed with myself... I think I'm being too hard on myself. Well, not 'think' so much as 'have been sat down and patiently explained to, with pie charts and scatterplots' that I'm being too hard on myself. Somehow it's hard to accept that things might not be entirely based on my screwing up somehow. Why is that? Why am I completely incapable of assuming that I'm doing alright? What's wrong with me?


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