Thursday, December 09, 2004

So... state of the weblog address...

Okay people. I guess you've seen the latest news, if not, I'd recommend looking in the big purple box a little bit downpage. I'll wait.

So, yes. I've done the damn near unthinkable, and I've let someone else get the ability to post on my own personal little slice of the Internet. Not just any someone either, that Nicole someone who I talk about a great deal. Why have I done this? Well, basically, it boils down to the fact that I might not have a computer for many days this next fortnight. Remember how I've been having computer problems? Well, the hard drive is noisy, the OS can't be found, and the laptop is now, basically, a Frisbee. So, I don't have a computer until I get home. I'm operating on the grace of my friends and any computer lab karma I've saved up to hopefully get a space there. Which means I may miss a lot of posts in the near future. And Amber, astounding though you may be, I'm not sure there are enough languages to insult me in to cover these next weeks. Thus, that Octuple 'P' Promise of mine is a hell of a neck albatross right now. So, I've got a caretaker now. If I get a computer, I'll try to post. If not... it's down to Nicole. Unless she's busy, or tired, or can't think of something, or just doesn't feel like it. But if she does feel like it, all may bask in its glory and wonder. Bask I say, bask!


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