Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Four calling birds? How... loud. Too loud, really. As much as I'd enjoy something to listen to whilst eating my three plates of chicken, mindless avian bleating wasn't quite what I wanted. Like, a CD would have been nice. Or, say, some sort of gift certificate at Best Buy. No, no sweetie!Don't cry! I love the birds, really! A great gift! And... and four of them is, uh, totally the right amount! Yeah... great gift, true love of mine. I... I got you a flower. Um, yeah.

So, anyway, that silliness aside, How we all doing? Good? Good... my life, as usual, doesn't bear commenting on, though I will be eating a very tasty curry this evening. Yellow Curry, from a joint called Duck Walk. Mmm mmm good, as they say. All part of my gradual reintroduction to all my favorite restaurants that I haven't been able to eat at for the past three months. Yesterday, the Legendary Stilton Burger at Goose Island Pub! It had entire cloves of garlic on it! You eat a thing like that, and you've basically resigned yourself to not kissing anybody for, um, let's say, eight days. After that, of course, all the kissing I can stand. Uh, in theory at least. In practice... who knows?


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