Tuesday, December 21, 2004

New computer!


Well, it's a one-point-five-year-old computer, but it's got a brand new, functional hard drive. With nothing on it. That's right, I'm starting from scratch. No! Spare me your pity, Internet! Nothing on the old drive was irreplaceable, and though it'll be a damned lot of inconvenience to get back to where I used to be, I don't have much else to do. Plus, it's a really nice opportunity to be rid of a lot of old crap I didn't really need anymore! Yep, blessing in disguise, this was. Excuse me whilst I go burst into tears now.

[Ed walks out of the room. After a moment, you hear the sound of racking sobs in the next room. Soon, he returns, perfectly composed]

Ahem. That was completely unrelated, I assure you. Um, I just received news that everyone I will ever love, um, exploded spontaneously. Quite sad, really. Anyway, back to work. I have to make this computer mine, again. Toodles.


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