Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Merry Bubblemas, one and all!

Yesterday, of course, was Bubblemas, the magical day when Bubble Claus stops by to give gifts to all the good little boys and/or girls. What? You've never heard of Bubble Claus? Or Bubblemas? Or even the great Festival of Wrap, Bubblannukah? Oh, you people. What am I going to do with you?

For the past five years, every December 13th or so, Bubble Claus stops by my school with his bubble wrap hat and bubble wrap beard and bubble wrap sack full of bubble wrap gifts for all the good little girls and/or boys. Now, me, I've never personally met Bubble Claus, because I'm always... um... called away on a business trip, but I hear he's a pretty manic guy, running around with his entourage of people I know, skipping down the halls and giving people gifts. The gifts consist of random things that I find... er, I mean, that one could find in one's room. This year's standouts included a rock, a leaf, a penny, a piece of paper with the word 'FREEDOM' written on it, and of course, a 'Please Try Again'. Presents were distributed on a random basis, of course, because Bubble Claus does not have the time to know what people actually want or deserve. Or even their names. Or their sex. Or really anything. He only has about an hour and some twenty gifts before be must again depart in his magical sleight, magically pulled by four magically magic bubbles: Popper, Snapper, Cracker, and Raoul. And away he goes, until next year. And that's pretty much right when I get back from my business trip, just in time to miss him, alas.

Some day I'll meet you, Bubble Claus, some day...


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