Monday, December 13, 2004

Welcome to the computer lab again!

I miss it. I miss my computer. Stupid lousy thing. One day it's working perfectly, and the next day the hard disk is tapping out SOS is Morse code and the operating system cannot be found. Grr!

Okay. No bitterness, no bitterness. Deep, soothing breaths. Think of other things. So. Yes. Other things exist. And... that's about all I got. Wait no! Hey! Last day of classes, eh? Nice! Drawing ever closer to Winter Break, which means (among other things) free food, free laundry, a working computer, seeing my family, my cats, my favorite restaurants, some people that I know and, of course, eventually meeting that one lady who I have a tendency to obsess over. You know, what's her name: Nichelle Nichols, or something like that. I might bump into her a couple times. Of course, before all that, there's the finals week, which will be painful not so much because of the studying, but because of dealing with the people who stress over finals. Like, constantly. Oh, those people... I will destroy them, ultimately. But until then... no. I've got nothing pithy to sum up with. I blame the computer.


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