Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Things smart people do.

Smart people do smart things. For example, given the fact that computers, while generally reliable, are far from perfect, there would be a certain grim logic to collecting all the old CDs for those programs you use often, and the drivers for the electronic devices you are most fond of, and keeping those all together, so that given a horrific accident, everything can be reloaded with a minimum of fuss, and surprisingly little muss as well. Smart people do not, I'd imagine, leave these CDs lying around, abandoned, in two different cities, with no reason, and little rhyme. That's what dumb people do when they hate themselves and want to suffer horribly. Horribly!

So, yeah. The Great Computer Re-Creation continues without a hitch; that'll be the official government-approved statement. Oh, and Oceana has always been at war with East Asia, but you already knew that.


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