Thursday, November 29, 2007

Poor man's soiree

So, Ambs and I, in an effort to increase the awesomeness of our little lives, decided to dress up in our nicest clothes, eat chocolate, and order a pizza. Not in that order, mind you, but we are full of pizza and chocolate, and I am wearing my suit and red tie and Ambs is wearing her nicest dress and heels, and we are... watching Freaks and Geeks. Which is totally what one does when one has put on one's nicest bit of outfit. It's sort of a classy outing, but without bothering with the out portion which I've never felt is particularly necessary to the process. We're having a classy inning.

Which is like... playing bases-ball with tuxedos on or something like that. Which is what we're going to do now, I think.


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