Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Writer's block is a bitch. It really is. Today, I was writerly blocked whilst trying to undertake my NaNo. Now, this is an extra bad thing, as I'm already behind by two days (although I've upped my daily goal, so as to get myself back on track before long), and I've got two years in a row of victory that I'd hate to undermine.

You know, I've not spoken much of the progress of this particular novel. So, in short, it's progressing well. Wellish. More than either of the previous, I know I'm going to have to rewrite significant swaths of it (especially as it changes from third to first person early on); however while the short game feels lacking, the long game is going well. This is the first time I've had a real outline that I've stuck to, such that I actually knew the end before I began, and this is also the first time the thing feels like it's destined to be novel length, and not just a novella. As in, I might have to keep typing LONG after December ends, rather than just wrapping up the denouement over the next week.

So, feelin' writerly. Good feelin'.


Blogger Robert said...

I've basically gotten 10,000 words down, so i'm done at this point unless I forgo Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Good luck Ed.

11/21/2007 1:13 PM  

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