Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Significantish milestone.

This, if my Blogger dashboard dingus-thing is to be trusted, is my one thousand one hundred and eleventh post.

It would have sounded more impressive as one thousand one hundred and onety-oneth, but the language did not happen to evolve in such a direction, which is a disappointment to all of us, to be sure.

That being said, it struck me as a surprise. Wasn't expecting it, just noticed it by chance, which I wouldn't have done except I was reading an article in another tab whilst the Blogger page loaded. Usually I click forward too quickly to see text, but today, milestone! I mean, that's a big number! Think how many words have been dropped here, and how many hours spent staring at the wee little white box where I say these things which I throw at you. Think how many people have had my brains spill into their salad, metaphorically speaking.

... the latter number is like 16, I think. But that's a fair amount of salad.


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