Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I has a desk!

Ladies and dudes, Ambs and I took a runner up to IKEA on this particular day. Well, less of a runner and more of a driver-along-ridiculously-fast-highways-in-mortal-terror.

My roommate insists that 65 is not ridiculously fast. But man, the Deceiver starts shuddering like an epileptic with Parkinson's at about sixty, which makes everything seem Just That Much more deadly.

Point being, we acquired, and have assembled, a nifty TV stand for the TV I'm getting tomorrow (36" for $25? Damn, son!), and, yes. A DESK. So my computer isn't lying on the floor, dejected, but sitting on some of IKEA's whitest veneer, still dejected (as that is the default state of my computer. Dude needs, like, pills or summat).

To quote the late Jim Henson: "YAAAAAAAAAY!"


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