Thursday, September 20, 2007

Go for the alternate explanation.

To-day, I did some preliminary packing, and came to the conclusion that wow, I got a lotta shit.

I then came to the further conclusion that, no... no it's not all that much really, as I got all the clothes and DVDs and books that I want in two bags and a box. I got a lotta shit left, but that's shit to get rid of. We'll see what things are like when I get the second big suitcase, from mother, and pack the remainder of my stuff in that. Hell, there's not so much... the Wii, the computer accessories, the TiVo, hats and shoes... um. Miscellaneous baubles that I can't bear to part with... board games and hangars?

Okay, confession time: I can't estimate. I just -can't-. It is a skillset that I totally lack, I just lack. I mean, I can pass when it comes to the lengths of lines and suchlike, but abstractions? Like 'volume of shit I own'? I got nothing. If I don't SEE it, I don't see it. Which means this sort of thing? I am suck at. Which, I suppose, is why I pack a month and a half in advance.

Alternate explanation: I CRAZY.


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