Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back in the black!

Huzzah! My paycheck had arrived, and I am FLUSH with legitimate income. And, if I do some paperwork this weekend, I'll be even flusher with even more moneys in a fortnight's time. Man, I am feelin' -employed- today.

I'm also feeling kind of old; part of the blame I place on catching a glimpse of the original Harry Potter movie on the telly. I remember that movie, and remember it well, when it came out; and good lord don't those kids look young. And now... now they don't so much look young. And that's sort of awkward.

And of course it's not just that. For once in my life I've got a real job, and a car, and a vague but thought-out plan for my future, and I'm feeling halfway like a real person. It's... um. I'm not sure I like it, really.

I dunno. I have to get used to it.


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