Sunday, June 03, 2007

A little weird. META

So, this blog. My friends and family read it, and that's normal enough; it is, to some extent, a means by which I keep in touch with my friends and family... I can make announcements, inform folks what's going on, coalesce the passage of information, et cetera.

Complete strangers read it. That's cool, I'm not a man who keeps a lot of secrets, and some of those complete strangers have turned into fairly good friends, and the whole notion of blogs is to present info to EVERYONE.

And people I sort of know read it. THAT'S the weird one... if I'm talking to someone who's no longer a stranger but not yet in my circle of compatriots, and I discover she's reading through my entire life history. It totally imbalances the ratio of knowledge! Not that I'm telling the nice people who semi-know me not to read along, but it unnerves a touch in a way I can't really elucidate upon. So, read on, but... not too fast. I got a lotta crazy in these pages, and I don't want you to get the whole thing at once. For your own safety.


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