Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Oh, man!

It's five in the gorram morning and I can't sleep!

Somehow, this is entirely New Year's fault. If it were still 2005, I wouldn't have stayed up until five on Saturday and my entire sleep schedule wouldn't have been thrown so far off balance. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that Saturday was really awesome, because it's not just that these people I knew in high school just remember me, they actually MISSED me, and were excited to see me again! I mean, I knew I'd missed them somewhat, but that's because they were cool and interesting people and I was merely this tagalong loser that they put up with because... erm, excuse me, some illogical ideas get lodged in the old head harder than others. No, clearly, they all adored me. Hell, my picture is still on Keith's wallet. Not in... on. That's exactly awesome enough to not be creepy.

Oh! Hey! Speaking of friends and things that are awesome, Aaron wrote me a loverly forward for the book, which rocks plenty, and the book is looking shockingly professional at this point. Front cover, back cover, dramatis personae, maps, a forward, page numbers, a table of contents, a title page and copyright notice... am I missing anything? I certainly hope not! But I've got a fortnight to put it in, so no worries, eh? Let me know it something comes to you. Already, I'm thinking and 'about the author' for the back cover which'll need a picture (anyone out there got a good photo of me? Deb, I'm looking in your direction), a chapter of an upcoming work to build interest for it (unlikely unless inspiration smacks me in the head with a shovel, but maybe I'll throw a short story in just to sweeten the deal), and Illustrative Components (which would require skill on my part, and as such, aren't happening).

Alright... let's try sleeping again. See what comes of it.


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