Saturday, March 19, 2005


I got new glasses on Thursday. Not that weird or interesting, but it happened, and yet I didn't mention it. Why not? Because I was talking about the tattoo prank. I've developed this sort of 'talk about one thing per post' conceit, which, I guess, lets me keep updating every day with greater ease, but I also tend to forget reporting things that people might want to know. For example, my sink was fixed, a long time ago, but I never mentioned that. Yeah. The plumber unlocked my door while I was in bed, sleeping. It kind of freaked me out, because I could very well have been naked. But yeah... that happened a while back, so it's no longer news. News is that today I ate at a Moroccan restaurant. But that's not interesting. So I'll stick with the glasses, because that's a little of both. Okay, you know those glasses with sunglasses that flip down? And then you flip 'em up and they just sort of sit there, perpendicular to your face? Will it's got those... but magnetically attached! Because, seriously, I want my glasses to have as many bells and whistles as possible. They're a tad smaller than my old pair, but heavier even without the sunglasses, because they're rimless on the bottom, and thus thicker out of necessity. And they're a good centimeter thick, and that's having achieved maximum thinness. I have bad eyes, you see. I'd have to, there's an entire family free of four-eyeses above me. Mother is legally blind, actually, and can't be corrected to 20/20, or fly an airplane. Not that I have pilot-type aspirations, but I nonetheless hope that those genes are recessive.


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