Monday, December 17, 2007

Wo ist das Saturday?

Saturday? Never heard of such a thing. Suspect you're just makin' it up whole cloth. Rude thing t'do, if you ask me, which you never would do, 'cause you just don't care, do you?

... yes, I didn't update yesterday. I was very sick. I apologize, but it was the sort of sick where, while I could technically drag myself out of bed, it really wasn't in my best interests to do such a foolhardy thing as it made me quite lightheaded. Lest the world unravel around me and I go spinning off into the fog where I'd come to in a slightly parallel universe where I would discover myself on the run from evil forces of Magic and Science, each battling for supremacy, my only allies hundreds of alternate mes from other parallel dimensions.

Fifty bonus points to whomever first calls the reference!


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