Friday, December 14, 2007

My nuts?

Oh man. I ordered MST3K: the essentials, and it arrived today. Which means I need not suffer through a Christmas without getting to watch Santa Claus conquer the Martians. Additionally: Manos, the... hands of fate? Ah, terrible movies; where would we be without you?

... probably someplace more productive, and also where The Rock is just some really, really buff homeless guy.

Anyway, despite the fact that Joel is but my second favorite host of MST3K, I'm rather excited to get these little honeys into the DVD-mo-tron and light up The Huge with some of the finest mockery and weird, absurdist little sketches that money can buy. With the obvious exception of Space Mutiny.


Anonymous Father said...

DVD-mo-tron reminded me of something. I just got back from Germany. The German word for money is geld. As a result, an ATM is a geldomat. I had to learn to say, "Wo ist das geldomat?" without laughing.

12/16/2007 9:17 AM  

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