Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mushy oaty goodness.

Oh man, oh man, I am making some oatmeal and I am SO excited about this! I'm not even kidding; I'm being so sincere right now. (Even though you broke my heart and killed me).

I spent the better portion of the day zonked by benedryl-analogue, but I did have some time to spend thinking about Chrimmas gifts, and I'm filled with Ideas for the majority of the people I would have to worry about. Which, obviously, I can't detail here. But don't worry, whatever I'm getting YOU is going to be crazy-awesome. I swear it.

I also found out that the Princeton Review job doesn't start for a while, which is frustrating; the bunch out here decides their schedules farther in advance than did those back in Scarsdale, and December is a pretty ass month for them anyway. A mild amount of job security is nice, but I'm not going to sneeze if one of the myriad other places I've applied takes me on before then. Unless, of course, it's the job at that pepper-mill.

Winters? More like FallGET IT?!


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