Monday, December 31, 2007

nom nom nom nom nom

French! Onion! Soup! I totally made some today. I totally put some together in a totally a-dult fashion. Somewhere Amber acquired this vegetarian cookbook, and through Amber's mother we acquired this crock pot, so much of this soup required putting onions in a crockpot and waiting ten hours. The other part of the French onion soup process involved watching Alton Brown make French onion soup. And the two slightly varied soup styles were combined to make something that I certainly think is quite delicious. Not only is this another thing I can add to my list of "things I can cook" it's also like a 'meal' as opposed to this thrown together thing I've been getting good at. If the first step towards culinary adulthood is creating food that takes longer to cook than to eat, then surely the second step is creating food that takes long enough to cook that you could catch a movie, read a book, cure cancer and then eat.


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