Monday, December 24, 2007

Done some cookin'.

I think I've become something of a dab hand at producing curry. NOT, I will quickly point out, proper curry like folk in India eat... that is far beyond me. No, no, I specialize in the sort of curry that is rich in root vegetables and beans and bits of onion, where the spice is provided by a small spoonful of "curry powder" and a generous splash of "hot sauce". Curry that an English beat cop circa 1938 would get from the one foreigner he knows, who serves it at a copper's discount at two AM, complete with a warm mug of extremely hoppy beer. Foreign food for the xenophobic. That's the kind of stuff I can make.

Served over rice, 'cause I don't think there's a world culture in the 'verse what can complain about rice, long as it ain't too sticky and ain't too brown. Just like people.


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