Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ramen comes is "creamy alfredo" style. I'm scared.

Instant Ramen! It's basically food, basically!

Yeah, today I got myself a grand collection of fifty-cent meals that take hot sauce well and don't give you stomach cancer too bad. And I proctored another test. And I registered for my GREs, which is part of the run-up to the Grand Task. For I've made a calendar, you see. Yesterday's task was "Make Calendar"... accomplished. Tomorrow's: beg for letters of recommendation. This should not be TOO much of a task, especially compared to shit like taking inventory of my life, but it is a Task and it Must Be Done. The Capitals mean that it's Important. And now I got a whole grid of suck Important tasks, which I intend to stick to, as religiously as a died-in-the-wool atheist can..

Listen, when I am an out-freaking stress-monkey in early October, would you kindly remind me that in the here-and-now, I thought all this was a good idea. Then slip me a Valium.


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