Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just got back from... class?

Man, nothin' takes the edge off of not being a college student any more quite like... going to class. I tagged along with the Gents to night class, which was a delight. As expected. Not gonna make a habit of it, I don't think, but it was refreshing. Nice to watch a REAL teacher in action before I go back to fakin' it my way. And Dr. Short? There's a REAL teacher to be proud of. He is, in fact, the dude. Let none say any different, or their throats will be slit. I'm that serious.

In other news, why the hell is there a dude with blade-arms and sewn-shut eyes in the basement of some alien-parasite-infected castle? I mean, the obvious answer is "so I can kill him", but still! He's a prisoner, I guess? But... if he's infected, can't Sadler control him? And if he's too uncontrollably insane, which I guess is why he's been blinded, why let him keep the blade-arms? Is he some sort of experiment? Then why's he in a prison? DAMN YOU, RESIDENT EVIL 4!


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