Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Washin' off muddy plants with my water-vomiting talking backpack. Crazy Japanese.

Goin' down to the city! Haven't done that in a while. Going to see Sunshine. Not... not the substance, which as we all know eschews the urban sprawl (which is then lit by streetlamps run by the concentrated power of human suffering), but rather the movie, about dudes trying to reboot the sun. No, really. It should be exciting.

Anyway, I write now, because this is like as not one of those days where I shan't get back until the AM, because the movie is a latish affair. I'll head out in a bit, though, go get there in the early afternoon. Time to get some food, or visit the Games Workshop, or just observe the hustle and bustle and whatnot.

Can't for the life of my think of anything ELSE I'd be doing in the city.


Anonymous Father said...

When I used to visit New York as a student, I'd usually score some smack in Alphabet City and then tie off in the alley behind CBGB. But I suppose you've outgrown that kind of thing.

8/29/2007 11:52 AM  

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