Sunday, August 12, 2007

Coming to you mid-prep. Yes, I got the certification to teach, which means that, yes, I teach tomorrow. And no, I've not been given access yet to the Teacher Suite, so I don't have the actual syllabus I'm to be using, but I'm going with my best guess, based on the inaccurate one I've been given, prepping that business, and assuming that in the worst-case scenario, I'll get myself into a minor hole that I have nine days to pull myself out of. So, it's not that serious. It's an intensive course, but it's the first day of such a course, and my friends and loved ones are all quite insistent that I don't suck quite as much as I know I do.

And about half the time, I believe them! So, tomorrow should go pretty darn alright. Wish me luck.


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