Saturday, November 25, 2006


... and now I'm ahead of schedule, for pretty much the first time this month. Several hundred words ahead of schedule, and I intend to remain several hundred words ahead of schedule, or die trying.

Thanksgiving was awesome, in spite of the crazy Puerto Rican family I was giving thnks with deciding that rice and beans made an adequate substitute for mashed potatoes. They do NOT. That being said, the rice and beans was delicious, as was everthing else, especially this sweet potato concoction with yams in it. Assuming they are even different things. Regardless, delicious. Also, sausage in the stuffing. And a citrusy gravy on the turky. Needless to say, the leftovers I was sent home with did not outlast the weekend, but for the inexplicable can of cranberry sauce, which will sit in my cabinet for the forseeable future, because cravings for the sauce are uncommon (but who knows? Maybe I'll find a need for it. Or maybe I'll find a way to embue it with vodka and create a gelatenous cosmopolitan).

I did not end up going to post-dinner dinner at the diner, because by god was I ever full. Too full to eat a bowl of chili, even if it was for the cute waitress. Also, life is complicated. That is the other reason I didn't go to the diner, because life is complicated. No, no details to follow, you will take what you have been given and enjoy it.

Enjoy harder!


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