Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Caught in mid-procrastination.

I have a six page paper to write. It has to be done today, but I have the entire day with which to do it. It requires no research, just a lot of waxing philosophical. It is perfectly within my abilities to do this paper, but I do not want to. I would not want to were it one page long. I am so severely unmotivated to do this writing that the mind boggles. Well, mine does, at any rate. And so I am procrastinating, and the odds are I will procrastinate further, until the day has slipped away and I will have to rush this paper through a sleepless night. I be not proud of this. Rather, it is a segment of my personality that I'd like to do without. But, such is my life, and such is my geas.

Really, it's my father's fault. I stand somewhere in the middle of the whole Nature v. Nurture debate, but either way he loses.

Aw, shit, and I just realized I have another project to do too. I'm going to have to work extra hard if I want to get all my procrastination done before I need to get to work!

ADDENDUM: Upon further reflection and syllabus consulting, I have determined that nether of those assignments actually had to be done today. Once again, my poor time-management skills have been completely cancelled out by my poor actual-management skills.

I continue to blame my father, however.


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