Saturday, September 23, 2006

I can only hope my misfortune brings you joy, somehow.

I hope you people appreciate how I self-censor myself from saying extremely uncouth things about the current state of my health.

So, whatever happened to 'couth'? Did it abandon the language, preferring to frolic in the place where dead words go with 'ruth' and 'combobulated'? Furthermore, what does it say about us, as speakers-of-English, that there are so many negative words in the language which have no positive form any longer? George Orwell would insist that language shapes the minds of the folk who speak it, and to an extent, he's right. NewSpeak has no way to say, for example, "this oppressive, totalitarian regime sure is lousy", so the folk who speak NewSpeak are unable, or at least find it unreasonably difficult to, express such feelings. And feeling that are hard to express are easy to suppress, right? Remove the word 'revolution' from the language, and you need never fear a coup d'etat.


I don't necessarily subscribe to the theory behind NewSpeak, you might have guessed, but the inverse, that language is a reflection of it's speakers, is sound. So I guess maybe we aren't as ruth or couth as we should be; not very ept or gainly or gruntled. We don't dain, we don't rupt, and (criminals and teen drama characters excepted) we almost never fenestrate. Let's work on that, shall we?


Anonymous AAMF said... was your day?

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