Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You just can't keep me away.

Late this afternoon, I sat my self down in front of my computer and started typing out the idea which had been kicking around in my head all day. It's nothing like done, nor will it be for a good long while, but I feel I must share the beginning, because it makes me excited.

It was the twenty-fourth of March, 1900, when I was roused from my private experimentation in my basement by a pounding on the front door of my home.

“Who could that be?” I muttered to myself, quite unaware that behind the front door lurked the most heinous of villains I had ever had occasion to meet, let alone to work for. Indeed, bar the obvious Ultimate Adversary, the gentleman who had just rapped on my front door was quite possibly the most evil creature ever given form outside the deranged ramblings of certain laudanum-addicted authors. Having dashed up the stairs and thrown on my jacket (I opted to work in my laboratory in shirtsleeves alone, but opening the door demanded propriety), I cautiously eked the door open a crack.

“Hammer!” bellowed the ebullient voice of the demon on my doorstep. The voice alone was enough to alert me as to whom it was, I needed not glimpse the portly face, the thin suit entirely inappropriate to the cold weather, and the horribly manic glint of joy in the man’s eye.

“Edison,” I croaked.

That's right, I'm doing another William Joseph Hammer story. Who else is totally hyped?


Anonymous Candice said...

Zombies Wooo!!!
Ed, I saw Shawn of the Dead again and I thought of you :)

1/16/2008 7:22 AM  
Blogger Vincent said...

I am fucking hyped for Hammer-time.

1/16/2008 2:48 PM  
Blogger Aaron Poppleton said...

I am, sir. I am fucking excited beyond all reason.

1/16/2008 8:33 PM  
Blogger Jose said...

I am indifferent at best.

1/17/2008 11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your mother says you are misusing the word "eke," which is proper only as an exclamation to repel rodents.

1/18/2008 4:38 AM  

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