Saturday, January 12, 2008

Not Track Five, Not Chain Saw Juggling (also Not Ed)

Dear Internet,

Unfortunately, you will not be receiving your scheduled dose of Ed tonight. Ed went on a voyage today, that involved a train ride, the appropriation of Jarod, my mother's car and breaking into a family friend's house to secure accommodations for the night. He was considering hijacking a bi-plane to fill out the transportation set, but remembered he is terrified of heights.

Tomorrow he rises bright and early to soldier forth to south of the great smoggy city of San Jose (it's off of I-680, by the way. It's really not hard to get there; Mr. Bacharach could have asked me). I understand he is to receive instruction on how to brainwash our youth. Honestly, I'm jealous; I spent the day either wasting away on my bed, or making potentially fever influenced purchases (who knows, a kitchen mat shaped like a giant monkey head could be the best investment in my future I have ever made).

Barring hijinks or tragedy, Ed's postings should resume on schedule tomorrow night.

Yours ever faithfully,



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