Thursday, June 07, 2007

Someone's cruising for a bruising...

...that being said, I've had a fairly lovely day. Imperfect, as days tend to be, but fairly lovely. Faaaaairly.

The problem with energy, as I have noticed in my life, is that you have to have it, to have it. Point in fact, though I'm enjoying my semi-sedentary summer solace, it slightly saddens me. It's a little too easy to stay in bed, and a little too hard to do stuff approximating real work (e.g.: looking for real work). I mean, I manage to send out a couple apple-cations every day, because I'm not entirely without an internal reserve of gumption, but it's very tooth-pully. The additional problem is that I don't even much feel like doing things I want to do... I gots miniatures and video games and stuff I kinda feel like writing, but it's no fun being unproductive when you haven't been productive.

Yeah, I know, this is all very well trod territory. But dammit, my blog, my rambling.


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